January 29, 2009
If Dating Were Like Business


I’m not sure how it is for other women entrepreneurs but dating for me and most of my friends who own start-ups is usually tough. It got me thinking. What if dating were handled more like a business deal? Tonight, because I am so overworked I can’t sleep, and so overtired I feel slap happy, here is what dating would look like if it were based on how I handle most of my business deals:

Both parties would start with a “fact finding” meeting, or first call/get together. Here both would state their value proposition, future goals, experience and how it might work.

If synergy should be found, a second meeting will be scheduled.

At second meeting, things are much more relaxed. Everybody walks up happy, things feel familiar. After a bit of friendly conversation, things move to working together. After all, time is money.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, it’s decided whether or not they can work together. If agreed, a proposal or deal memo will be sent to sort out what both parties wants, needs and will be delivering.

From there, additional negotiations may happen mainly via email or phone. Once the deal is completed, both parties sign and a relationship is born. If things are running smoothly after three to six months, generally, it’ll continue to be a good thing. Problems are a little expected, but everybody works together to try to make it work.

If not, the partnership is ended, generally without any real hard feelings.

Could this work in the dating world? I don’t think so because people have a hard time being frank (and sometimes honest) when it comes to liking someone. But, it would probably make a lot of things easier.

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